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Small Animal Veterinary Association

A Registered Body with Govt. of India (No. 44781/2002of XXI) under 1860 Society Act

An Association with World Small Animal Veterinary Association (WSAVA)

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Small Animal Veterinary Association (SAVA) is an association of and for veterinarians in small animal practice. Headquartered in New Delhi, India who use their professional training and expertise in treatment and healthcare of companion animals..

SAVA represents veterinarians in dealing with public, the government, the press, the Veterinary Council, etc.

SAVA organizes C. E. Programs (Continuing Education Programs) through seminars, courses and workshops.
SAVA fixes tariff guidelines for member practitioners.

SAVA promotes the veterinary profession through funds raised by membership, advertisement, sponsorships and other initiatives.

SAVA disseminates information to its members by publication of Vet Booster an official newsletter of SAVA.

SAVA formulates the profession's policy towards and advises on important issues such as animal welfare, medicines, veterinary education and ethics.

How does SAVA protect the health and safety of domestic pets and human health?

SAVA has a network of animal and public health experts who constantly monitor the environment for the early signs of health risks to companion animals(pets), stray animal population and people.

SAVA updates member veterinarians on the latest effective treatments available for pets through it’s news letter Vet Booster a bimonthly printed and e-letter.

SAVA actively participates in government legislation regarding animal care, animal abuse and other important issues affecting animals and public health.

SAVA is in process of constituting Small Animal Veterinary Assistance Team made up of volunteer veterinarians to provide onsite emergency medical care to animals that are the victims of local or regional disasters, as per its disaster management programme.

SAVA organises pet shows and pet health seminars in schools, colleges and community clubs to educate public about issues related to pet care, animal welfare, management of strays and zoonosis.


How does SAVA help pet owners?

SAVA members are reliable source to information covering a wide variety of animal health topics such as petcare, vaccinations, rabies management, leptospirosis, spaying and neutering, household hazards, disaster management, zoonoses, and variety of pet related issues.

For more information please send email to sava@savavets.org



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